Features Of A Good Web Design

In today’s world, absence from the internet could mean you are non-existent especially as a business. Everything is rapidly turning onto the internet which means that if you cannot be found in search engine results, nobody will pay much attention to you. Customers tend to trust brands that appear on the searches depending on what they are looking for and there is therefore that need to ensure that you have an online presence that does your brand justice.

Your web design should be your first priority before you get into marketing strategies for your brand. Whether you think you can handle the designing alone or you choose to hire services from web designers, there are features that your site must have to be on the winning side. The features can highly determine your performance online and should therefore be considered when developing or creating your business website.


A good design should have a background that does not end up interrupting the text, but on the other hand the text should be sizeable enough for easy reading but not too big either. Narrow text columns make reading easier on the screen and they should be considered. In essence, the good design will keep the information hierarchy crystal clear.


They are very important in guiding your visitors to the most relevant pages within the website depending on what they are looking for. Good links can be in a different color that the text on the page to make them visible and clearer to the visitor. However, the colors should still coordinate with the rest of the colors on the page. Some very good sites also underline the links to ensure they remain attractive to move the visitor to the next step.


It is one of the most important features because it can determine the user experience on the site. A good design is easy to understand and uses navigation bars and buttons and they should offer clues to the visitors with regards to their current location on the site. Frames used should not be obtrusive in any way and site maps or an index can be considered for larger sites.


They keep the web content interesting and readable. They should be sizeable not too big and every one of them should have an alt label. They together with the backgrounds should use safe colors for the browsers. Any animated graphics should turn off automatically and graphic links should have text links matching them.

Other features of a good web design include quick page downloads, pages with visual impact, relevant and proper use or elements such as pull quotes, subheads and photos to break large text areas and consistent page displays. Remember that your website acts as a bridge between you and valuable traffic, hence it should play its role in every possible way. Visitors trust more on a friendly user interface and they should therefore have an easy time browsing your site and finding what they are most interested in.